GuyGetsGirl Exposed – The Truth

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GuyGetsGirl: The Single Man’s Guide to Great Women

Author: Tiffany Taylor

Price: $79.95 $49.95


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You’re here because you want to know if GuyGetsGirl: The Single Man’s Guide to Great Women is a waste of money.   Not too long ago, I was doing the same thing; visiting websites, looking for good information about this book.   Finally, I just decided to get it.

I bought this book with low expectations.  How many people have held the secret to meeting women?  A secret that they will share for just $199.95?  How many empty promises and failed systems is someone supposed to try before giving up completely?

When I found GuyGetsGirl, I wasn’t hopeful, but what was there to lose?  If it weren’t for the 60 Day Guarantee, I doubt I would have tried it, but am I ever glad I did!

What is it?

GuyGetsGirl makes modest promises.  It doesn’t promise eternal bliss or lifelong bonding.  It does promise to give your the ability to meet and, more importantly, talk to women successfully.   How you define success is up to you.  Do you want a date?  A mate?  A one-night-stand?  Or just some pleasant and flirty conversation for the evening?

It doesn’t promise a specific woman.  In fact, it absolutely refuses to do so.  It does promise to give you the skills to meet a specific type of woman.  It explains where to go, what to say and how to act.

How well does it work?

As a lifelong introvert, I have been pleasantly surprised time and again at how well it works.  From the simple confidence-building exercises to the reminder that “practice flirting” is not only okay, but actually recommends, it carries you along the entire path from shy and lonely to confident and successful.  This actually works!

What do you get?

  • The three core books; the beginner, intermediate, and advanced guides to  flirting and seduction.
  • Bonus ebook: How to Get 7 Dates in 7 Days
  • Bonus ebook: Sex Magnet Secrets
  • Bonus ebook: The Girlfriend Gameplan
  • Bonus ebook: Spice Up Your Sex Life!
  • Bonus: “The Truth About Penis Enlargement” AND “Learn How To Enlarge Your Penis Inches, Safely, Naturally And For Free, In Less Than 1 Hour!”
  • Bonus:”The Definitive Microsex Guide” – with Daily sex tip and Weekly sexual positions, photographs and foreplay video clips.
  • Bonus: “Conversation King” Over 50 power packed pages of talk tactics for men that will ensure you get what you want from your date – tonight! – Worth $47, yours for free.

That’s more $300 worth of bonuses for free–all on topics that matter to me.

What is it missing?

It doesn’t address long-term love, but it does teach you how to meet and woo a prospective mate, and how to keep the spark alive long after you meet.

It doesn’t teach physical techniques, but it does come with a bonus ebook that does.

Finally, it does not tell you how to explain to your wife why you have the book if she catches you reading it.  HINT: Tell her you want to rekindle the old flame.

The Bottom Line

Would I buy this book again?  Absolutely.

This book has given me more long-term confidence than anything I have ever read.  While I have not used it to generate a series of superficial one-night stands, the steady diet of natural ego-boosting flirtations with beautiful women has assured me that I will never have to be alone again.

Who wants to be alone?  I don’t.

You don’t.

Buy this book.

Good Pickup Lines for Girls

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People keep asking about pickup lines. They want to know a magical phrase that, if uttered to a woman, will cause her to go weak in the knees, begging to be carried home and ravished.

Doesn’t happen.

Rather, outside of saying(and proving) that you are a billionaire, nothing will make that happen quite that easily. There are no good pickup lines for girls. They just make you look hopeless.

But don’t lose hope.

Pickup lines may be a joke, but you still need to have something to say when you approach a woman. You are looking for good conversation starters, NOT pickup lines.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Ask her what she does for a living. She’ll answer with her job. Then you ask her, “Is that your dream job? Nine out of ten women will answer no. From there, you can say, “Oh? What are your dreams then?”


“I need a woman’s opinion, then I have to go.” Ask something, it doesn’t matter what. If she wants to know why, tell her you disagree with a female friend’s opinion and want to know if it’s just her, or a woman thing. No matter what she answers, follow up with another question. It will transition to a conversation naturally.


Tell her you like something she’s wearing and then, once she accepts your compliment, ask her if she remembers where she got it. You’d like to get something similar for your sister – or better yet – your mom. Remember, your introduction and the subsequent couple of minutes of  conversation with the girl that follows should be flirty and playful.

No matter what, always remember the cardinal rule: Don’t try. Don’t care what she thinks. Just say whatever you want.

Now, for far more detail, click here to get GuyGetsGirl!

GuyGetsGirl – A Guest Review by Dave S.

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Hi Guys!

I’ve just recently stumbled across a pretty special site that I thought many you guys would be genuinely interested in. It’s an attraction, seduction and dating guide – I know, I know, I initially thought what you’re in all probability thinking: we’ve heard it all before right? Well, not exactly.  Guy Gets Girl is different

It’s referred to as GuyGetsGirl and, uniquely, is written by a WOMAN known as Tiffany Taylor. I think that correct there is the reason it is such a good book (3 volumes, from beginners, to intermediate to advanced). This woman, unlike most, really knows all with the dirty tricks girls play on guys and isn’t afraid to spill the beans to us men. She goes through it step by step – how you can prepare yourself, how and where to uncover women, the ideal approaches to approach them and get talking…the complete nine yards. Oh, I nearly forgot the most crucial part: She describes particular techniques to ‘close’ on a girl. That means either get her number, get her to ask for YOUR number, the way to kiss a girl and meet up with her the next day and a whole lot much more.

I’d like to tell you much more about the tactics and techniques that are in this information, but ought to probably mention some other details instead.

The information is offered from GuyGetsGirl and is instantly downloadable once you’ve got access. I personally couldn’t wait to begin reading and utilizing the material so was happy to find each volume in the information available separately for download.

All in all, extremely suggested reading for all guys that, like me, were fed up with the dating scene and just wanted to know the superior stuff – how you can attract and seduce hot girls!

Click here to read a lot more!

How to Get Women

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For this example I’m going to use gals at a bar. I am going to be going into lots of other strategies for non-bar pickups as well but for now, we’ll stick with this.

(Note: Actually, I even recommend you try my top spots for picking up that are not bars – they are much better than ANY bar and you’ll see a massive leap in your achievement rates with females.)

As you know, gals really don’t generally go to bars on their own. They go in groups.

Approaching GROUPS of gals may be very daunting and in case you don’t know what you are doing, it is possible to fail BADLY with groups and like a pack of wolves they can rip you apart. I’ve seen males get cussed at, totally ignored and even drinks poured over them.

But when you do the technique correctly, then your achievement with a group of females can usually yield good results.

Whenever I suggest approaching groups of females I get LOADS of guys looking at me as though I’m from an additional planet. I realize that plenty of guys probably really do not have the initial confidence to simply walk up to stunning girls they do not know. Really don’t be concerned, this could be very easily solved. I’ll give you some simple tips here.


Action 1. Walk close to the shopping mall and whenever you catch a woman’s eye, smile at her – more usually than not, she’ll smile back. To start with it is possible to do this just with shop employees. Even if they really don’t Need to smile, they in all probability will. Great practice. And you could possibly even brighten a few women’s lives a tiny.

Action 2. Once you’ve gained confidence in making natural eye contact and a smile with staff, you could move onto other gals within the mall. I’m not suggesting big weird freak smiles, just nice, natural friendly ones. Many gals will smile back at you.

Action 3. Here’s where it may well seem a little weird, but this definitely does support and practice and repetition will make this lots simpler. Just say “hi” with a smile to females (and males in the event you like) as you walk close to the mall. It will really feel HORRIBLE at first if you are not confident but slowly, following an hour or two, it’ll seem effortless.

Following you’ve smiled and said hi to 20 or 30 women, you really should start to really feel great (as long as you really don’t quit on your first negative response – this will occur and will occur when you are approaching gals to pick them up – you Have to understand to step out of your comfort zone in case you wish to be successful with gals).

One of my friends did the “smile at girls in the mall” technique and he actually ended up meeting the girl of his dreams and is still with her three years later – how’s that for effective!

There are loads of other techniques you’ll be able to do to build your self-assurance, most not quite as scary as the mall 1. I go into others inside my book…

Appropriate, let’s assume you now have the confidence or at least the guts to pick up women you do not know in a bar.

GuyGetsGirl – An Introduction

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GuyGetsGirl is really a pick-up guide written for men by somebody who truly knows what women of all ages consider and want… Another woman!

Tiffany Taylor

Tiffany Taylor, Author

Authored by Tiffany Taylor, GuyGetsGirl reveals for the first time all of the dirty tricks ladies play on men and describes exactly how any guy can use special methods to attract and seduce the woman or girls of his option.

Questions that have confused us guys for years are finally address:

* What women of all ages feel when we approach and start talking to them and how we can use this details to our edge.
* The things girls Truly care about most – not good looks or fast cars.
* The way to generate sexual chemistry with a woman without being an arrogant alpha male or the nice guy that often finishes last.
* How to attract stunning females
* How you can seduce a woman simply and properly
* Tips on how to turn women on in seconds
* How to get girls into bed as frequently as you like
* Find out how to use body language for your advantages
* Become a fluid conversationalist that girls love spending time with
* The way to make that girl you actually want, fall in love with you
* Discover about Internet dating and how to tap a never ending supply of excellent girls
* How to produce bio-electric sexual chemistry
* Get women to pick you up
* How to understand females and use it for your sexual advantages

The GuyGetsGirl guide covers the attraction, seduction and dating game in detail and describes everything we should and shouldn’t do to be successful in the field.

This best-selling guide are readily available for instant download at now.