Good Pickup Lines for Girls

People keep asking about pickup lines. They want to know a magical phrase that, if uttered to a woman, will cause her to go weak in the knees, begging to be carried home and ravished.

Doesn’t happen.

Rather, outside of saying(and proving) that you are a billionaire, nothing will make that happen quite that easily. There are no good pickup lines for girls. They just make you look hopeless.

But don’t lose hope.

Pickup lines may be a joke, but you still need to have something to say when you approach a woman. You are looking for good conversation starters, NOT pickup lines.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Ask her what she does for a living. She’ll answer with her job. Then you ask her, “Is that your dream job? Nine out of ten women will answer no. From there, you can say, “Oh? What are your dreams then?”


“I need a woman’s opinion, then I have to go.” Ask something, it doesn’t matter what. If she wants to know why, tell her you disagree with a female friend’s opinion and want to know if it’s just her, or a woman thing. No matter what she answers, follow up with another question. It will transition to a conversation naturally.


Tell her you like something she’s wearing and then, once she accepts your compliment, ask her if she remembers where she got it. You’d like to get something similar for your sister – or better yet – your mom. Remember, your introduction and the subsequent couple of minutes of  conversation with the girl that follows should be flirty and playful.

No matter what, always remember the cardinal rule: Don’t try. Don’t care what she thinks. Just say whatever you want.

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